Thursday, November 09, 2006

A5200 delivered

After ordering an A5200 off of eBay from Gemini Digital Products (Thanks guys for the great pricing!), Fedex finally delivered it today. Initially, I thought Fedex had lost the package, as they weren't sure if it was on a truck or somewhere else; the tracking information indicated it was on a truck yesterday for delivery, but it wasn't delivered, so I was quite worried.

After cutting open the box and removing the foam, I proceeded to remove all of the drives from the A5200, hoping this would make it a bit lighter. Unfortunately, it didn't really make that much of a difference and it was still ridicuously heavy, but I managed to get it from the garage into my office with a lot of effort on my part.

The A5200 is a lot larger than I expected, and it feels a lot more solid as a whole than the D1000 I also happen to have. The particular unit I purchased only came with two GBICs, so I'll eventually want to purchase two more so I can multi-path properly. It also happens to have a touch-screen for administration and maintenance on the front, where one can modify drive paths, spin-down the drives for hot-swapping, check the status of the GBICs, and the temperature on each of the drives. Overall, it's fairly quiet and I'm not feeling a lot of heat being output, but we'll see once I start working with the drives. Because my SC-SC cables aren't in yet, I've been unable to attach it to anything, but hopefully, those will be in soon.

You can see the rest of the A5200 pictures on Flickr.


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