Thursday, March 22, 2007

Institute of Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute Admission

Much to my surprise yesterday, I received an acceptance letter for the IAS PCMI Undergraduate Summer Program that I applied to in Feburary. The PCMI Undergraduate Summer Program seems to be a highly-selective, focused program that brings together undergraduate, graduate, and high-school students. I've gotten a full fellowship to attend the program from July 1-21, so naturally, I have been doing a bit of research regarding what's in Park City, and it certainly seems to be an interesting place. The Wikipedia entry on Park City indicates its the home of the Sundance Film Festival, several extravagant restaurants, three ski resorts, and a load of factory outlet stores.

According to the information that was sent along with the acceptance letter, I'll be staying in a "studio condo unit" along with another attendee, and the pictures of the rooms do look very nice. There's something to be said for doing math in style at the foot of a mountain range.


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