Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tadpole SPARCbook 6500 Jumpstart and Mouse

For awhile now, I've been unable to use the touchpad on my SPARCbook while installing, as the 'vuidsyn' strmod (STREAMS module) that's used to convert Synaptics signals into VUID signals, which Xsun uses wasn't available. This meant I had to attach a USB mouse. Typically, after installing Solaris Nevada, I would rip the 'vuidsyn' strmod off of the Tadpole Solaris 9 media (yes, strmods from Solaris 9 still work in Nevada a.k.a Solaris 11) and copy it to /kernel/strmod/sparcv9. This worked, but it was far from ideal, and given I've just gotten into doing Custom Jumpstarts, I wanted the install process to be completely automated. Having to manually copy that strmod from the Solaris 9 Tadpole media to the kernel strmod directory violated this. I got the bright idea to:

# cp /home/dlewis/vuidsyn /export/install/media/\
# cp /home/dlewis/dacf.conf /export/install/media/\
(dacf.conf maps devices to the proper strmod)

After doing a 'boot net - install', Solaris began automatically installing, and my mouse now works out of the box.


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